Saturday, March 8, 2014

Create Facebook Page With Blank Name.

Recently Facebook launced new feature on its site called photo comments . At lanch it was available only for some pages but now any page cant enable / disable photo comments using admin panel. This feature is now used only for getting LIKES on comments . unlike before we can now only see photo comments everywhere.
While I was surfing on facebook and comment caught my attention There was a page that had no name and commented “Everybody Noticed I made a Comment No One Noticed I dont have a name” and that comment became so viral that It got 142,000+ Likes and 36K+ replies ! Even I was shocked so I just opened that page and saw thousands of people asking that how is it possible and how did he did it and worst thing that pages admin was showing a too attitude. So I decided to post a article on tips and tricks that how to create such facebook page with empty name. Ok so lets start
Steps for creating and empty facebook page

First Go to this link
then you will see various categories for creating facebook page but I recommend Cause or Community
The after clicking on Cause or Community . Facebook will ask for a page name .
So this is the most importnant step copy and paste code below carefully there .  They are spaces but not normal :)

Then go and paste it there and paste it there.
If you get error called “Page name already exist” then try other category or pasted code twice , trice or remove 1 – 2 spaces.
Congrats , You create your first facebook page without name
So now I will give you some tips to increase its like
Download Image below
Then login via facebook page you created
then like some famous page with huge number of likes.
then make above photocomment and enjoy
So this was a tutorial on creating blank facebook page . if you have any problem please drop a comment below we are always ready to help you

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